Chemical Peel: Advantages and Limitations

25, November 2022, 00 3 Holidays

Chemical peels is also known as dermapeeling or chemexfoliation, employs a chemical solution that improves the overall appearance and look of the complexion. The procedure involves applying an application of a chemical solution to your skinand results in injury or trauma to the skin's layers. The skin's layers will end up peeling off, leaving healthier skin. The new skin tends to be more smooth, with less wrinkles and lines, and has a more even tone and has a brighter complexion...Read More

Brow Lamination Treatmeant and Advantages

08, December 2022, 02 3 Holidays

Brow lamination is an procedure which helps control eyebrows that are unruly and give them a an even, polished appearance. The procedure involves applying the right solution to straighten the hair on your brows, similar as Keratin solution for hair on your head. The solution bonds to hairs and then changes their structure so that they lay in a flat position against skin. The effects are only temporary, but may last as long as eight weeks. Brow lamination is becoming more popular as more and more people search for ways to have perfect eyebrows...Read More

Beauty treatments offered by beauty salon in Dublin:

08, January 2023, 05 3 Holidays

Beauty salon’s in Dubin offer a vast range of beauty services.It might be challenging to keep up with the various treatments that are offered because the beauty industry has expanded so much. All-encompassing "beauty therapists" are a thing of the past. Even at the larger spa salons, no one employee is likely to be able to do all services, as many independent salons specialise on a narrow range of services, from tanning to nail art...Read More

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